So a few weeks ago I was batting around the idea of doing a blog. Mainly as an outlet for myself. It’s not really intended for a large audience, mostly for people I know. So I researched how to start a blog and quickly became discouraged.

Then a couple days later I was going through some old papers. I found a scrap of paper from two years ago where I had scrawled out a few goals. One of them was starting a blog. So it seemed that my recent thoughts were more of an echo than a new idea.

Then the day before I started this blog I received a card from my oldest and dearest friend. In it she wrote (and I share this humbly), “You’re insights to the scriptures have inspired me.” Well that was it. The next day I had this blog up.

Now I don’t consider myself as a scripture expert or any thing like that. As someone else told me years and years ago, I have a unique way of looking at things. Take that however you will. But if my insights could inspire one person, maybe they could inspire others.

To me that sounds arrogant. So let me state here unequivocally, that a lot of my perspective doesn’t come from me. As I read the scriptures things will come to my mind. It’s those things that I try to share. Some times its just how I interpret or see what I’m reading. Some people may not agree with it. That’s okay. I have no problem with that.

This blog is a way for me to share, in some form, the thoughts and feelings that I have. If I don’t share them, they’ll die with me. After what my dear friend said, that doesn’t seem right. So as someone once said, “If you can use what I say, then pick it up and use it. If you don’t agree and can’t use it, then don’t pick it up; just let it lay there.”

~~ Guy ~~

Update 4/24/23

So, as I’ve mentioned, I started this blog mostly for myself. In doing so I didn’t take into consideration the dopamine effect. If you don’t know, dopamine is a chemical that is released in our brain. It’s the chemical behind all addictions. It’s also a reward system. When we accomplish something we get a release of dopamine. When I put up my first post I certainly had a dopamine rush. I felt really good about what I had accomplished,

What I failed to take into consideration was the dopamine “hits” that would sustain this blog. When people post something on a social media platform, they get dopamine hits when people respond to it. That’s one reason why social media can be an addiction.

Well the way I set this blog up, by not allowing for comments or putting in “tags” so it could be found on search engines, I essentially blocked myself from getting any dopamine hits. This has made it difficult for me to post things. It seems really, that I’m about the only person reading them. LOL! So consequently I’ve lost some of my motivation.

So I need to re-align my thinking. I need to make some readjustments in how I approach this mentally. Now I see why I didn’t act upon the idea two years ago when the idea to do a blog first came to me.

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