Because I know this blog is not being seen by many, and because I know that those who will look at it already know me, I didn’t think it necessary to put something here. I obviously have changed my mind.

I grew up here in SLC. My biological father passed away just before I turned three. Several years later my mom re-married. Both my mother and step-father have since passed on. I’ve lived in almost every section of this valley. I’ve also lived for short stints in Colorado and Idaho.

I LOVE nature! She’s awesome! I don’t get out much in nature like I used to, but I like feeding the birds and squirrels where I live. Sometimes when I feel brave, I’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood. So many people have such beautiful yards. I guess it’s my attempt to connect with nature.

I love photography. So far, all the photos in this blog are mine. I intend to keep it that way; its a sneaky way of sharing them. I also write poetry when that muse decides to visit. I’m pondering putting in a category for poems so I can share some of those. I guess if you see a “Poems” category you’ll know I decided to do it.

I really ponder about putting in stuff about my past. That’s a tough one. Most of you that know me, know a little about it. We’ll see what happens with that.

I’m kind of a private person. I love being able to work. I also struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction. I also have anger issues. I worry that people might get the wrong impression of me with the categories of my blog, so let me set the record straight here. I’m not a righteous/religious person. Many verses of scripture define me as being in open rebellion against God, and being His enemy. I don’t see myself that way, but….

Although I’m a “sinner”, I love the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. There is so much hidden in them! They are like a giant onion with layer upon layer of meaning and interpretation. We are told in the Book of Ether that the brother of Jared received a vision from the beginning to the end, and that this vision was sealed up to come forth later on. Personally, I think everything that was in that vision (or most of it) is currently scattered through all the scriptures. Its there; hidden in plain view.

I guess that’s one of the unconscious factors behind this blog. I love sharing what I find in the scriptures. I just don’t want to people to think I’m a goody-two-shoe for doing so.

Hummingbird eating a mosquito