Moses 6:3-7

What I want to share here came to me quite a few years ago and I haven’t shared it with anyone, with the possible exception of maybe one person. It’s a bit out there, but it feels right to me. Remember, these are my personal thoughts.

Several years ago I was reading The Pearl of Great Price. I’d read it several times before, but as some people know, you can always find something new each time you read the scriptures. This is a case in point.

First, let me share the verses:

3) And God revealed himself unto Seth, and he rebelled not, but offered an acceptable sacrifice, like unto his brother Abel. And to him also was born a son, and he called his name Enos.

4) And then began these men to call upon the name of the Lord, and the Lord blessed them;

5) And a book of remembrance was kept, in the which was recorded, in the language of Adam, for it was given unto as many as called upon God to write by the spirit of inspiration;

6) And by them their children were taught to read and write, having a language which was pure and undefiled.

7) Now this same Priesthood, which was in the beginning, shall be in the end of the world also.

Everything was going fine as I read these verses until verse 7 where it says, “Now this same Priesthood…” It stopped me, and I was like, “Wait! What Priesthood? When were you talking about Priesthood?” So I went back through the entire Book of Moses and this is the first use of the word “Priesthood”. Hmmm…

What also struck me, and now I can’t tell you why, but the concept of there being “The Priesthood” as a noun, and there being “Priesthood” as a verb, concept, ideology, or lifestyle. There are a couple other verses where the word Priesthood is used without the precursor “the” (Abr 1:23,31; D&C 113:8). To me, this is different than “The Priesthood”, which is an object or noun; something that can be possessed or held.

So I went back through the previous verses and came up with what I call The Six Principles of Priesthood. Being “principles” and using Priesthood as a verb, it can be practiced by anyone; men, women, or children. It can be practiced regardless of denomination. Here are the six principles

  1. Call upon God (v4). This is pretty self explanatory, but I interpret it as praying.
  2. Have God revealed to you (v3). This would be having a testimony. If you believe in God, and in some way He has manifested Himself to you in your life, like having a prayer answered, then you have had God revealed to you.
  3. Give an acceptable offering (v3). Through the Atonement of Christ, animal sacrifice was replaced with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. An acceptable offering would also be our sincere repentance which should include a broken heart and contrite spirit.
  4. Study the scriptures (v5). In Adam and Eve’s day they didn’t have any scriptures. They were creating them. Then these were passed down the generations where the other Patriarchs added to them. Those writings were the scriptures of that epoch. We have ours for this epoch. Verse 5 could also be seen as keeping a journal.
  5. Teach others (v6). This is not only missionary work, but its teaching our children what we know; its sharing our knowledge and testimony with family and friends (perhaps even strangers sometimes).
  6. Live righteously (vv 3-5). This is self-explanatory also, but for me, it includes service to others, being obedient (or striving to), and exercising faith.

As you can see, and as I mentioned above, this can be practiced by anyone. Living in this way a person is living a life of Priesthood. One doesn’t have to possess or hold “The Priesthood” to live these principles. Its available to all.

I must confess that I’m not currently living all these principles. I guess that’s one reason I’ve never shared them. My hypocrisy has it’s limits. I don’t want this post to make people think I’m something I’m not. I’m a sinner through and through. So there! As I said at the beginning, this came to me at a different period of time in my life.

But I wanted to share it because I think its important in this day. Our world, in general, has turned its back on God and we are seeing the terrifying results of that betrayal. Imagine what the world, or our community, would look like if everyone strove to live these principles?